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Check Out Creighton Volleyball!

For the past 20 years Creighton has had one of the most successful soccer programs in the nation by reaching the NCAA tournament 18 times including three College Cups and advancing to the National Championship match once, but with all this tradition another team on campus often is overshadowed in the fall: the women’s volleyball team. After a four-set victory over South Dakota on Tuesday the Creighton women’s volleyball team improved to 12-2 on the year with their only loses to Big 12 foes Kansas (ranked 28th) and Kansas State (ranked 15th).   The women are off to the best start in school history and are ranked as high as 12th in RKPI (the volleyball equivalent of RPI for college basketball).


These girls put their heart and soul into the program and the results are showing. Earlier this year Megan Bober was announced as a semi-finalist for the Lowe’s Senior Class Award, an honor that places takes into account both on and off the field actions. For the first couple of weeks the student section had a good turnout and it made Sokol Arena one of the most difficult places for opposing teams to win (see here), but lately the student section size has dwindled and more of the load has been put on the band and blue crew to make it a hostile environment. As a university we need to back our ladies up as they start the rigors of the Missouri Valley Conference schedule and embark on what could be unprecedented success for Creighton Volleyball. The next home weekend is Friday, October 5th at 7 pm against preseason favorite, Northern Iowa, followed by a battle with Bradley on October 6th at 5 pm. Hope to see you there and Roll Jays!

*My name is Jordan Evans, I am an RA in Kenefick Hall and I support all of Creighton’s athletic teams.

Kenefick Goes to Vegas!

Hey all, Andrew Rappolt here for team Res Life and I thought I would give you a heads up about a pretty sweet event coming up this Friday night.  Our very own Kenefick Hall is getting a true Nevada makeover and landing its own spot on the strip.  That’s right people, Kenefick is going to Vegas.  This Friday, September 28 from 8pm to 12am the lobby level of the hall will be rolling with all your favorite casino games.  From roulette to black jack, appetizers to mocktails they got it all.  To top it all off, you’ll be playing for some sweet prizes.  At the end of the night the staff will be raffling off multiple prizes and prize packages.  Some past winners have gotten a movie package complete with two DVDs (and not this $5 Wal-Mart bargain bin movies but the real deal), a dorm survival package packed with snacks and sweets to get you through those tough times between meal plan hours, and assorted other prizes.  The more you win over the course of the night the more tickets you get.  But it’s not who has the most chips at the end of the night that wins, everyone has got a chance.  I know last year I had 3 tickets and I got a Nerf package prize.  So come on out this Friday, get dressed to impress and have some fun at Kenefick goes to Vegas.

Best Places to Eat in Omaha

Hey everyone, I’m Eric Hoffman and I’m a Junior Marketing Pre-Dental major. I’m sure many of you get tired of the same food options on campus, especially during the weekends. No fear though, there are several off-campus eateries that can hit the spot without burning a hole in your pocket. Although I’m no food connoisseur, I’ve acquired quite the list of food joints both with and without a drive thru.

The first spot worth checking out is the taco truck located in the No Frills parking lot (off Saddle Creek). This (we’ll call it an RV) serves up quesadillas, burritos, and tacos at all hours of the night. It’s perfect if you have a late night craving but don’t want to spend a fortune.


The next place you should check out is Sam and Louie’s right next to McDonald’s on Cuming Street. They serve up great New York style pizza and run specials throughout the week including a happy hour on Thursdays. It’s also great if you want to have a group function since they have plenty of seating and will cater to parties.


The last place you should go to is China Taste. It’s conveniently located right next to Sam and Louie’s and they even do take out. They also serve up an awesome all you can eat buffet during lunch hours that will fill you up and leave you wanting to come back for more.



Hope you get the chance to check out these places and sample some of their great cuisines!

Study Jams!

My name is Morgan Ostertag, and I am currently a junior Medical Anthropology major. One thing I am extremely passionate about music. So, I thought I would tell you all about recent and upcoming album releases.

My favorite band of all time, Dave Matthews Band, just released their new album Away From The World. Many of you may have heard a sneak preview of the sounds of this new album from their single release of “Mercy”. I have to admit, I am slightly partial to the sounds of “old Dave” songs, but I do appreciate the vibes Dave is giving off in this new album. For more information on this album, visit or iTunes.


For you indie-folk lovers, the Avett Brothers just released a new album as well, The Carpenter. This album has the classic Avett Brothers sound to it, and has some real jams on it. For more info on this album go to or iTunes.


Anyone like the song “Little Lion Man”? If you do, then you are in luck. Mumford and Sons is releasing their new album, Babel, on Monday, September 24, 2012. The single, “I Will Wait”, is available for purchase on iTunes, and the album is available for pre-order. To find more info, visit or iTunes.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”   -Plato

Elevator: The Unexpected Community Builder

Ever thanked the elevator? You know, that little moving room that takes you from one floor to another? We’ve all had the solitary elevator ride, and as euphoric as it is to dance around with your eyes closed as you move ever upward, a certain magic befalls an elevator full of people. If you live in a Creighton University residence hall, I’ll assume you’ve ridden your hall’s elevator up and down to your heart’s delight. As you should, for the elevator is vastly underappreciated in the community-forming hot spots we call residence halls.

Laura Jablonski is my name, appreciating seemingly commonplace things in our world is my game. My junior year is upon me as I continue to voraciously study marketing and social entrepreneurship. Coincidentally, I live next to an elevator on the fifth floor of Kiewit Hall on Creighton’s campus. The tender sounds from the elevator doors as they open and close are not so charming whilst trying to sleep, but my love for this transporting contraption endures.

With every open of the elevator doors and entry into that movable chamber comes a great opportunity. Not only do you possess the power to operate sophisticated machinery with the touch of a button, but you’re also granted the lucky chance to connect with your fellow elevator travelers. A unique breed, elevator travelers find themselves suddenly fascinated by the monochrome wall coverings as they ponder their destination, drawing nearer by the second. Now is your chance. Think of the possibilities: What did you learn in school today? Is that your natural hair color? Wow, you just exude health and happiness—you must do yoga!

You get the picture. I think we can all recount positive, memorable elevator rides that left us happier when we left than we hopped on. The length of such an elevator ride is perfect for light-hearted introductions and conversations. Think of the elevator as a true ride, typical of an amusement park or traveling carnival. Entertaining, brief, and oh so exhilarating. Out of all the elevators in the world, this group of people gathered in this one at this particular point in time. Together you will make the journey toward a destination, and onto another destination. We are one community, laughing, connecting, and traveling in this thing together.

Get up and thank your elevator now. It deserves it; think of all it’s seen! It puts up with your ornery attitudes, your odorous takeout, that burp you though no one noticed. Love it for all it is because it loves you for all you are. Remember the opportunity to connect with your fellow travelers, both in the elevator and in life. By the end of your elevator ride, you just might say, “I’m glad we all gathered here today.”

Study Abroad!

This summer, I had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant for a nine-student delegation from Hohai University in Nanjing, China for a two week Clean Energy and Environmental Ethics program. Under the leadership of Dr. Jinmei Yuan and Dr. Jiang Maorong, and with the help of Peter Khong, Amanda Heuszel, Jacqueline Horani, and myself, the group of international students spent their first fortnight in the United States exploring Creighton and Omaha. We visited the Old Market, Jocelyn Castle, Professor Ed Morse’s farm, and the students were even able to take a short road trip to Gavin’s Point Dam in Yankton, SD. They were an intelligent bunch, and in discussing the vast differences between Chinese and American culture I learned just as much—or more—than I taught!


The picture above is from one of our first shared dinners; the waiter was taken aback by my request for eleven hot waters—not tea, the Chinese drink hot water like we drink iced water.

The program culminated with a visit from Dr. Wang Cheng, the president of Hohai’s 34,000 students. I treasure the experience I had teaching and learning with my international peers, and I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and discover cultures other than their own.

Jozef Pavnica

Top 5 Places to Have a Picnic on Creighton’s Campus

Hi! My name is Kristina Ward, and I’m a senior RA in Kiewit Hall who is also an avid picnic-er. Fall is in full swing, but there are should still be a few warm-weather days that are ideal for a picnic on campus. Try exploring these locations:

  • The gazebo by the old gym: this shady location can be found just across from the old gym. Sit with friends at the tables and enjoy a wonderful view of campus.
  • Hixson-Lied Lawn: just outside of the front doors of Hixson lied lies a lawn where the grass is always green and the picnics are always full of happiness. I love enjoying a meal on the stones on the hill, and then taking a quick cat nap before continuing on my day.
  • The bean: a classic picnic location. The bean’s convenient location between Skutt, Kiewit, and the mall makes it the ideal spot for a social picnic-er.
  • Under the tree by humanities: Often overlooked as a picnic location, the humanities lawn offers flat ground and a good view of the mall, without requiring one to interact with the people on the mall.
  • Jesuit Gardens: The perfect place for the person who doesn’t eat the crust on her sandwiches. The Jesuit Gardens is full of creatures who would love to share a lunch with you if you let them. Just be careful not to share too early in the endeavor, or you could have furry friends who don’t leave you alone.