Meatless Mondays!

If you didn’t catch the announcement in Student News, Brandeis and Becker are back with Meatless Mondays! Personally I think this is great. We should not be eating meat, every day, especially red meat, and this gives us the opportunity to learn about many of the alternatives to healthy eating, sans meat (everything in moderation, right?). On Monday I had an omelet with tomatoes, onions, and a little bit of tofu for breakfast, a cheese enchilada for lunch, and rice and beans with hummus and a salad for dinner. Each meal was delicious!

Now if you are really concerned about going one whole day without meat there are less obvious options. For example, the Simply To Go at Brandeis had a variety of sandwiches with meat to choose from and the salad bar had bacon bits. But I think that this serves as a greater challenge for us to consider, as a whole, what we are putting into our bodies and whether or not it is nourishing and sustaining us throughout the day!


* I am Elizabeth Samson, a senior and an RA in McGloin. I intentionally do not eat meat every single day and am thankful that Dining Services is doing Meatless Mondays as an educational and health opportunity.


2 Responses to “Meatless Mondays!”

  1. 1 Mike September 13, 2012 at 8:22 am

    I understand having a couple more meatless options but not a whole day without meat. Some people need to have meat in their diet to gain weight. Not all meat is bad for you either. Plus someone should not be making that decision for me. I am an adult, not a elementary schooler who doesn’t know how to make sound food decisions. I chose to eat what I want because I like it. I’m against meatless Mondays but not against meatless options because some people chose not to eat meat and that is their decision. We need more meatless options daily. Just not an entire day without it.

  2. 2 Biz September 20, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    If it is truly is a concern to find meat to eat on campus you are able to go to Java Jay or Skutt for you dinning needs.

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