Top 5 Places to Have a Picnic on Creighton’s Campus

Hi! My name is Kristina Ward, and I’m a senior RA in Kiewit Hall who is also an avid picnic-er. Fall is in full swing, but there are should still be a few warm-weather days that are ideal for a picnic on campus. Try exploring these locations:

  • The gazebo by the old gym: this shady location can be found just across from the old gym. Sit with friends at the tables and enjoy a wonderful view of campus.
  • Hixson-Lied Lawn: just outside of the front doors of Hixson lied lies a lawn where the grass is always green and the picnics are always full of happiness. I love enjoying a meal on the stones on the hill, and then taking a quick cat nap before continuing on my day.
  • The bean: a classic picnic location. The bean’s convenient location between Skutt, Kiewit, and the mall makes it the ideal spot for a social picnic-er.
  • Under the tree by humanities: Often overlooked as a picnic location, the humanities lawn offers flat ground and a good view of the mall, without requiring one to interact with the people on the mall.
  • Jesuit Gardens: The perfect place for the person who doesn’t eat the crust on her sandwiches. The Jesuit Gardens is full of creatures who would love to share a lunch with you if you let them. Just be careful not to share too early in the endeavor, or you could have furry friends who don’t leave you alone.

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