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Support Your Candidate In Style!

Searching for buttons, signs, stickers, pamphlets, and much more? You can find all of these things at the Omaha headquarters for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Both centers are meant to help educate voters and help them show their pride and support for each candidate. Are you very passionate about your vote and your political beliefs? If you are, then you can also volunteer at each of these centers. Volunteering can range from making phone calls to advocate for each candidate or handing out free items in support of each candidate. It is a great way to get your voice, your opinion, and your vote heard! The locations for both headquarters are:


Romney-Ryan Victory Center:

2819 S. 125Th St., Suite 362,

Omaha, Ne 68144


Obama-Biden Headquarters:

347 N. 76th St

Omaha, NE

Stop by and show support for your candidate!


Youth Voter Turnouts

With the 2012 presidential elections just around the corner, Generation Y—those born between 1980 and the early 2000’s aka us—can constitute approximately 46 million votes in 2012’s election. Our Twenty percent of the voting-aged population has the potential to have a large say in the future leadership of America, but as is shown by the chart below from the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (2009), 18-24 year-old voter turnouts have not climbed above 50% since 1972.

Our generation’s record-breaking community engagement has been paired with increased turnout—especially in the most competitive battleground states. The Millennial Generation has high rates of volunteering and community service, and so far, this has been coupled with the largest increase in young voter turnout since 1972. I want to urge all residents who are able to voice the vote in next week’s election to do so and to spread the word. In many states, it is not too late to request a last-minute absentee ballot!

Upcoming 9th Annual Business Symposium!

November 2nd marks the start of Creighton University’s 9th annual Business Symposium. This event takes place at the Century Link Center and shuttles will run from Deglman Circle to the Century Link Center. It costs $10 to register and the register dates are as follows:

–          October 9th: Seniors/Grad Students

–          October 15th: Juniors

–          October 22nd: Sophomores

–          October 26th: Freshman


I encourage all business students or those interested in the business field to go and learn from professionals in specific careers. Never will you get such specific and real life perspective on jobs in popular fields like accounting, marketing, and analytics with companies like Yahoo, Union Pacific, Conagra, and many more.


Dress in your best and classiest business formal attire and get ready to meet and build contacts with very influential people and companies in the Omaha and surrounding areas.


To register, go to:

Omaha Fall Activities

Now that Fall is upon us, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the last of the nice weather. For many people (myself included), Fall is the best season of the year. You can spend countless hours outside without breaking a sweat, and at the same time, won’t freeze your butt off. Fall seems to be the perfect intermediary between the two extremes of summer and winter.

In order to take advantage of this great season, I’ve put together a list of a couple outdoor activities and attractions around Omaha that are worth checking out:

The first spot is Vala’s Pumpkin Patch. You’re never too old to carve a pumpkin and Vala’s has plenty. Stop by to snag yourself a pumpkin and maybe even stay for the night time attractions which include a Flying Stunt Dog Show as well as performances by local artists. While you’re there, also take advantage of the corn mazes and my all-time favorite, the hayride.



Another great way to get outside is to toss around the pigskin, and by that I mean get a game of pick-up football going. If you don’t have a yard, there’s always Memorial park or even the lawn outside of Morrison Stadium. All in all, it’s cheap, easy, and fun.


Hope you enjoy these great Fall activities!

A Reflection on Fall Break

Hi!  Welcome back!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Fall Break 2012 and got to visit some wonderful places.  Whether you went home, on vacation, stayed here, or went on a service trip, I am sure you all had an amazing time without having to worry about classes, tests, paper, projects.

I got to experience the best of both worlds and went home for a little bit and went on a Fall Break service trip.  For our trip, we went to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which is where the Manhattan Project was worked on.  Oak Ridge also has one of the highest numbers of PhD’s per capita in the nation.  Tennessee was gorgeous and the fall colors on the trees were absolutely breath-taking.

While in Oak Ridge, we worked with Habitat for Humanity and worked on various houses and did numerous projects around town.  We got to demo one house, put the finishing touches on another house, and do some yard work for an elderly lady in the community.  Not to mention, we got to experience some wonderful southern hospitality!  Getting out into the community and doing some work was a blessing and very touching, but we also had some fun!  We got to go hiking in the mountains and witness some beautiful colors and waterfalls, played countless games of cards (I learned more card games on this trip than ever before in my life!), and we also had an amazing time bonding with each other no matter what activity we were doing or if we were stuck in the same van with each other for 14 hours!

I had a blast on this trip, and I highly recommend service trips to everyone on campus!  If you are interested in experiencing one of these life-changing trips, then I highly encourage you to check out the CCSJ’s website to find out how to sign up for the Spring 2013 service trips.


Hi all!  My name is Kristyn Angsten and I’m a senior RA.  I have a quick question for you.. Are you getting excited for the Fallapalooza concert?!  Today is the day!   Get ready for White Panda!  Are you still debating whether or not you should go?  Well contemplate no more because I have the answer for you.  My verdict is: of course you should!  Even if you are not a fan of White Panda’s style, it’s still a great opportunity to get off campus and hang out with your friends and other Creighton students.  Everyone needs a break from campus every now and then.  Live experiences of any band can be super enjoyable!  They have a lot of great mash ups and I’m sure you’re bound to like at least one.  One of their new songs is one of my favorites.  It’s a mash up of Gangnam Style and a great song by the Offspring.   Here it is: Get excited!  I hope to see you tonight!

Bring One More Back

It seems that Omaha is clinging tightly to the warm weather, but if you dare to brave those 8am classes, you know that the weather is getting colder. Many of you have already pushed through at least one Nebraska winter, but news for those of you who think you made it: it’s going to get worse. Last winter was actually pretty mild,) so when you go home this Fall Break or have those extra days doing nothing, dig out your winter gear and hit up the mall because you will need a montage of sweaters, jackets, coats, mittens, scarves, and boots.

But when you go home and acquire these wonderfully cozy clothes, bring one more back. Omaha is quite deceiving, not only with the false winter from last year, but with the true demographics of the people. Omaha is a host of the most. It boasts the most restaurants per capita, and the highest millionaires per capita, as well as the highest homeless/impoverished children per capita. Omaha is not quite as beautiful as it seems.

Think I’m crazy? Then do what I did last year—spend an evening with the Salvation Army Night Watch. Every winter, the Salvation Army sends out RVs that are stocked full of hot, fresh food, and many warm clothes and blankets for people of all shapes and sizes. I went to three spots in downtown Omaha at designated times. The lines are always outrageously long, and we are getting food prepared and finding coats, socks, and mittens for whoever wants them. For each spot we went to, there was always a line of people in need.

So, when you are packing your winter clothes for school, grab that old sweater you don’t like. Find those old coats you or your siblings outgrew and snag it up. Donate it to a local shelter, or even bring it back here to donate. Donate it to the Salvation Army Night Watch, to the Sienna Francis House, or Together, Inc. I can guarantee you that your efforts will be truly valued by someone in the community, and you just might save a life this winter.


Written by:

Erika Fennen

Biology Major

Creighton University