Bring One More Back

It seems that Omaha is clinging tightly to the warm weather, but if you dare to brave those 8am classes, you know that the weather is getting colder. Many of you have already pushed through at least one Nebraska winter, but news for those of you who think you made it: it’s going to get worse. Last winter was actually pretty mild,) so when you go home this Fall Break or have those extra days doing nothing, dig out your winter gear and hit up the mall because you will need a montage of sweaters, jackets, coats, mittens, scarves, and boots.

But when you go home and acquire these wonderfully cozy clothes, bring one more back. Omaha is quite deceiving, not only with the false winter from last year, but with the true demographics of the people. Omaha is a host of the most. It boasts the most restaurants per capita, and the highest millionaires per capita, as well as the highest homeless/impoverished children per capita. Omaha is not quite as beautiful as it seems.

Think I’m crazy? Then do what I did last year—spend an evening with the Salvation Army Night Watch. Every winter, the Salvation Army sends out RVs that are stocked full of hot, fresh food, and many warm clothes and blankets for people of all shapes and sizes. I went to three spots in downtown Omaha at designated times. The lines are always outrageously long, and we are getting food prepared and finding coats, socks, and mittens for whoever wants them. For each spot we went to, there was always a line of people in need.

So, when you are packing your winter clothes for school, grab that old sweater you don’t like. Find those old coats you or your siblings outgrew and snag it up. Donate it to a local shelter, or even bring it back here to donate. Donate it to the Salvation Army Night Watch, to the Sienna Francis House, or Together, Inc. I can guarantee you that your efforts will be truly valued by someone in the community, and you just might save a life this winter.


Written by:

Erika Fennen

Biology Major

Creighton University


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