A Reflection on Fall Break

Hi!  Welcome back!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Fall Break 2012 and got to visit some wonderful places.  Whether you went home, on vacation, stayed here, or went on a service trip, I am sure you all had an amazing time without having to worry about classes, tests, paper, projects.

I got to experience the best of both worlds and went home for a little bit and went on a Fall Break service trip.  For our trip, we went to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which is where the Manhattan Project was worked on.  Oak Ridge also has one of the highest numbers of PhD’s per capita in the nation.  Tennessee was gorgeous and the fall colors on the trees were absolutely breath-taking.

While in Oak Ridge, we worked with Habitat for Humanity and worked on various houses and did numerous projects around town.  We got to demo one house, put the finishing touches on another house, and do some yard work for an elderly lady in the community.  Not to mention, we got to experience some wonderful southern hospitality!  Getting out into the community and doing some work was a blessing and very touching, but we also had some fun!  We got to go hiking in the mountains and witness some beautiful colors and waterfalls, played countless games of cards (I learned more card games on this trip than ever before in my life!), and we also had an amazing time bonding with each other no matter what activity we were doing or if we were stuck in the same van with each other for 14 hours!

I had a blast on this trip, and I highly recommend service trips to everyone on campus!  If you are interested in experiencing one of these life-changing trips, then I highly encourage you to check out the CCSJ’s website to find out how to sign up for the Spring 2013 service trips.



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