Support Your Candidate In Style!

Searching for buttons, signs, stickers, pamphlets, and much more? You can find all of these things at the Omaha headquarters for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Both centers are meant to help educate voters and help them show their pride and support for each candidate. Are you very passionate about your vote and your political beliefs? If you are, then you can also volunteer at each of these centers. Volunteering can range from making phone calls to advocate for each candidate or handing out free items in support of each candidate. It is a great way to get your voice, your opinion, and your vote heard! The locations for both headquarters are:


Romney-Ryan Victory Center:

2819 S. 125Th St., Suite 362,

Omaha, Ne 68144


Obama-Biden Headquarters:

347 N. 76th St

Omaha, NE

Stop by and show support for your candidate!


1 Response to “Support Your Candidate In Style!”

  1. 1 cucortinacommunity October 30, 2012 at 10:45 am

    Also, to be better informed about both candidates–come to the panel style debate in Harper Auditorium this Sunday, November 4 at 7pm! It will be very educational and a wonderful display of dialogue!

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