Political Costumes!

You may contemplate wearing the tried and true costume this Halloween: a clown, a fairy princess, a vampire… The list goes on. Allow me to remind you of the grand opportunity before you. Your costume is not to be taken lightly. Think about it: out of the entire year, today it is socially acceptable to mask your own identity and assume another’s. The political year of 2012 offers you even more options. Is there anything more simultaneously brazen and comical as political humor? Yes, and it’s called the political costume.

Striped suits, red and blue ties, little American flag pins—they’re all part of the politician’s uniform. That’s a good place to start, but have you seen the presidential candidates masks at these seasonal Halloween stores? They’re almost frightening, but the goofy grins and exaggerated features seem to lightly highlight the near farcical tones of presidential elections. Need I remind you, please use the utmost respect when impersonating a presidential candidate. No matter your political leanings, one of these men will lead our country in the very near future. But poking a little fun at a public figure never hurt anyone.

Of course, there are endless political costumes beyond the candidates. Perhaps the Republican elephant or Democrat donkey? A red, blue, or the ever changing swing state? You could even kick it old school as Uncle Sam, pointing your finger and firmly stating, “I WANT YOU” to your fellow Halloween celebrators, encouraging them to vote come Election Day.

I can practically see your mind right now. It’s alive with possibility for the perfect political costume. With the right costume, your Halloween future is as bright as a lit jack-o-lantern on the darkest October night. Show off that American creativity and get political! You’ve got nothing to lose but the election. 🙂


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