The Cortina Community Presents: The Debate

This upcoming Sunday at 7pm in Harper Auditorium, the Cortina Community is hosting The Debate, Formatted similarly to the presidential debates, there are two panels each made up of two professors and one student who will be voting for either Romney or Obama this coming Tuesday. Westin Miller, one of the Cortina RAs, will be moderating (and is surely going to do a better job than any of the moderators during this campaign season). Each panelist will be asked questions and given the opportunity to respond to other panelists.


The panel voting for Governor Romney is comprised of: Tim Bastian, instructor of economics; Dr. Terry Clark, professor of political science; and Arts and Sciences sophomore John McCoy. The panel voting for President Obama is made up of: Dr. Roger Bergman, director of the Justice and Peace Studies Program; Dr. Jeanne Schuler, associate professor of philosophy; and Arts and Science sophomore Michelle Villegas.


I asked both John and Michelle to respond to a few questions so that we can have some insight before attending The Debate:



Question 1: What are you most looking forward to in the debate?


Michelle: “I am most looking forward to listening to the different perspectives from both sides and also being able to partake in such a cool event about something that I am very passionate about.”


John: “I hope to work to break some of the negative stereotypes some have towards conservatives and strengthen the positive stereotypes. I want to show, through my work throughout 2012 within the Republican Party how our generation is working to shape the future of conservatism. I certainly do not agree with Mitt Romney on every issue – but he represents the beginnings of where our generation can take the pro-business, pro-liberty movement.”



Question 2: Why should your peers attend the debate?


John: “My peers should attend this debate because it is vital for our generation to be active in the political process… I firmly believe our generation needs to step up and defend our interests. We obviously all will not agree on issues…As the rising generation, we owe it to ourselves and the future to work together and ensure the older generations are truly working together to transmit the ideas and values that make this country special to the generations of the future. We owe it to ourselves to engage in civil, intelligent debate to be well-informed about the issues, understand all points of view, and make our own, independent decisions.”


Michelle: “If not just to be informed and probably entertained, to support John and I as fellow students.”



Well, I think John and Michelle said it perfectly, we all look forward to seeing you at The Debate on Sunday at 7pm in the Harper Auditorium!


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