Do you experience a #jokelife? Have you ever had a constant week or period of time where you cannot seem to escape: odd conversations with strangers, mysterious things appearing in your neutral zone or coming from the ceiling of the laundry room, run-ins with people, doors, or walls, or you are constantly finding yourself saying weird things in class that were meant for your mind only?

If you do or ever have lived in a residence hall, the answer is a definite “yes.” As I’ve personally lived in the residence halls for the past 3½ years, I have been given ample time and opportunity to experience the #jokelife. From my experiences and the experience of others, I have gathered a short list of awkward moments that are sure to happen to anyone who lives in a residence hall.

The list of Awkward – in no particular order:

1) That moment when you wake up from a nap only to realize that your roommate is having a meeting for a group project in the room, and you’re not wearing a bra/are only in boxers

2) That moment when someone is running to get on the elevator and you make no attempt to stop the doors . . . and it’s obvious

3) That moment when you’re folding laundry and find underwear that is definitely not yours

4) That moment when you’re in the community shower, realize you forgot your towel, run back to your room naked, and of course someone sees you

5) That moment when you’re creeping on someone’s fb in the nz and they happen to walk by

6) That moment when you’re in a crowded elevator, fart loudly, and no talks or even laughs

7) That moment when you’re talking about someone while in the hallway, and they overhear you

8) That moment when you’re on duty and have to check the bathroom, only to open the door and make eye contact with the person who is pooping in the stall

Have any awkward stories? Share with your friends – they will appreciate you and find your awkwardness to be incredibly funny #awkward #foreveralonenomore #idontknowhowtotweet


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