Death By Multitasking

Death by Multitasking


Many of us have been there – writing a paper while listening to music while having one eye on the game while texting while playing your word in Words with Friends while eating while chatting on Facebook whileshoppingonlinewhilehelpingafriendwiththeirpaperwhiletheirlisteningtomusicwhile…well, you get it. Multitasking, oftentimes boasted as a great skill, may not be so brag worthy after all. Our generation, deep fried in media and smothered with an unhealthy amount of the need to be connected, has it the worst with all of our electronic options and mediums. From smartphones, to laptops, from tablets to iAnything  and wifi always at our fingertips (for the most part), we almost have the inability to disconnect. In our very own Creighton Handbook it is required that we check our email twice a day, and let’s be honest – if we only checked it twice a day we’d fall behind in something. As a student today, generally over involved and nauseously stressed about grades, how would we keep our heads above water without multitasking? I don’t know. Unfortunately most of the research is about why multitasking is bad, but never about how as a student/employee/chair of this/president of that/member of the other is supposed to function in today’s society without it. Magazines like New York Times, Scientific American, and National Geographic can tell us all they want about how multitasking reduces productivity, results in a higher chance of mistakes, leads to short term memory loss and disrupts our ability to comprehend what we read, but until they figure out a way for us to complete all of our tasks within the confines of a day what other choice is there? There are other choices, of course, life is full of choices –  but if a we couldn’t multitask for the rest of the year, for whatever reason, most students would feel like 1) they would have to sacrifice fun in order to build up their resume and gpa, or 2) keep on with their almost balanced life, but without the ability to multitask, inevitably fall behind in absolutely everything to a point of no return. What other possible solutions and choices  are there? Is there a need for reform  in our generation’s time management and work ethic? Does it call for a change in American society?  What changes would you make to the many facets of a college student’s life to create a balanced week void of multitasking? If you figure out anything that works be sure to tweet/facebook post about it, and if it’s tangible – insta.gram it for sure!


Written by workaholic, crazy connected junior and social work major Shelby Cervantes-Sheard



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