Christmas at Creighton

Thanksgiving break is coming up soon, which only means one thing: So is Christmas at Creighton! Christmas is a magical time for many; a time to gather with loved ones and to celebrate Christ. And in keeping with the magical spirit, Inter Residence Hall Government just released the theme for this year: Christmas at Hogwarts!


How neat is that? Every year, tradition holds strong for Christmas at Creighton with wintry and blustery themes, but this year, IRHG has taken a complete spin to inject a little fun and a total sense of magic into the celebration. Invitations were delivered under the door, and IRHG is working on some special and magical features that will transport you out of Omaha and into Hogsmead.


Christmas at Creighton is more than just the campus celebration of the Christmas season. Families and alumni are invited, as well as our community partners, such as Girl’s Inc., the North and South Omaha Boys and Girls Clubs, and Seven Oaks of Florence. Christmas is a time to share with others, and that is exactly what we are trying to do.


So definitely come to this amazing event! If you have never been before, you do not want to miss out. If this is your fourth or fourteenth year, I promise this year will be spectacularly different! There will be a lighting ceremony where Fr. Lannon lights all of the Christmas lights and a Christmas tree ceremoniously. There will be tons of food, and it is your only place to eat that night! There may also be a little bit of something magical, something special, to make this night unforgettable.


I know, you’re just itching to know when this is. Well, mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 28th! There will be a lighting ceremony outside of St. Johns about 4:30pm, and dinner served in Skutt. You literally cannot miss this event, as it is the largest annual events here as Creighton proudly welcomes the Christmas season and the Christmas Spirit.


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