I Love Books

Hello Creighton University! This is Junior John Sarmiento with another fun post about one of this university’s fun classes. Last time I wrote an article about bug catching (https://cureslife.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/the-diversity-of-insects-on-campus/). This time I will be writing about books. As a college student, you might be thinking, “Wow… I already have to read books for many of my other classes.” However, this class is more than just a typical textbook or a novel for a World Literature class. This class, HRS 348 – Pictures and Words: The Visual Book, taught by Father Michael Flecky, introduces students to the beauty and sophistication that is “a book.”

From what I have learned so far, a book can go beyond pages with text and maybe photos, all contained between two covers. Instead, a book can be an artistic representation of written ideas. Some characteristics can range from use of colors, typefaces, spacing, and much more! Even the way the book is made – like the quality of paper, the technique of printing, and the binding – is something that I have learned to appreciate.

With Finals coming up, it is around the time when Creighton students can soon start looking up classes offered next semester. I highly recommend looking up some classes that interest you, like the classes I have mentioned in this blog. I would like to conclude: don’t judge a class by its subject and course number, but read what the class is really about and try it out!


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