Oh just wait!

My name is Ager Belay. I am an RA in Kiewit Hall (Freshmen Hall). Sometimes you just hear the funniest conversations as you leave the Hall.  For example, on Monday morning around 9.15AM. I’m headed over to Skutt from Kiewit to grab coffee before my class and I overhear this conversation from two male students that were Kiewit Residents. The first student is clearly someone who lives in the Midwest and his friend is someone who has never seen snow before.

Imagine the Midwestern student’s voice being very monotone and stoic. Now imagine someone just the opposite. Next read this conversation and keep in mind that there is snow blowing and it is mighty chilly on campus.

 Student#1: Your glowing dude…

Student#2:  (grabs snow from air) It is SNOWING!! How much are we going to get? I’m sending pictures to all my friends in Cali!

Student#1:  It’s actually too cold to snow… It’s probably going to die down pretty soon.

Student#2: California boy is REALLY upset.

Student#1: (laughs)

Thoughts in my head as I listened to this conversation:

First off, why doesn’t Student#1 humor his friend just a little?  Tell him about blizzards and snow storms that start off as harmless snowflakes.  Better yet, tell him about snow days!  Doesn’t building snow forts around campus sound fun to you? Yes, they are awesome!  And yes Midwestern-Winter-Warrior, you are correct. It doesn’t snow when it gets too cold. Going to school that has all four season in nine months has its privileges in case you did not know. Make it sound appealing!  Instead you crushed Cali boy’s heart and your friend started talking in third person? You thought it was funny but I observed (through my eavesdropping) that you have two problems. You are unfazed by snow and your friend just sent pictures of snow blowing in the air. Really, don’t do that to him. Tell him to wait until we get an inch or two and his friends from California can be awestruck or something.


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