Dead Week Survival Guide!

Happy Friday and welcome to this edition of the DRL wordpress, I am Elizabeth Samson, your friendly RA from McGloin 5 East. I am senior and this next week will be my 7th Dead Week. Unlike other universities, we actually have classes during Dead Week and not only that, but many of our professors have big papers, projects, or last minute tests scheduled for this week and all of our out of class involvements are trying to wrap things up before we head home for a much needed month long vacation. So in honor of this not-so-Dead Week, I give you a survival guide.


Here is a list of things you will probably need:

  1. A good study space. Now everyone, don’t go rushing off to the library. Sometimes an empty classroom on your floor NZ works just fine!
  2. Coffee (or something with caffeine) because as much as we’d all like to think we can avoid falling asleep at our computers, we can’t do it on our own. Oh and water, stay hydrated friends!
  3. Notecards, sharpened pencils, an eraser, and some extra paper. We don’t want to be stranded in the middle of test prep without those necessary supplies!
  4. Late night snacks. Our bodies will need some help as we stay up later and work harder. Maybe opt for some healthy snacks too!
  5. Good study music. Try Explosions in the Sky: or Loraine:
  6. Also, some study break music. Try Macklemore: or Imagine Dragons: or Old Crow Medicine Show:


Here is a list of things you shouldn’t forget to do:

  1. Sleep! Seriously, please do not forget to get some sleep each night. We will not make it through these last two weeks without making sure our bodies get rest.
  2. Eat. Eat healthy and eat every meal normally. We will be able to focus better on a full stomach.
  3. Get some exercise. Go for a run or even a walk. Some cardio will help us focus in the long run.
  4. Take study breaks! Go hang out with a friend or have a mini dance party, it will make all that studying more bearable.


With that my friends, I leave you with well wishes and hope for a successful last two weeks!


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