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Creighton Semester Recap

For some of us this was our first semester at Creighton for others it was the last as they head off to start the next chapter of their lives, regardless it was a memorable semester. Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of the last four and a half months.

Welcome Week

Whether you attended every event freshman year or they somehow slipped your mind time and time again Welcome Week is always one of those unforgettable experiences at Creighton. Everywhere there are new students trying to make their best friends for the next four years by bridging the gap between the group named the bouncing brown beavers and the eerily eclectic elephants. Some great friendships are forged and well… some just fade through the years, but either way everyone learns the fight song.

 Kathie Lee and Hoda Rally

How could we forget this? The 4,000 undergrad strong Creighton University going up against school like Ohio State with 15 times as many students, but somehow we made our voice heard and through a video posted by the Pi Beta Phi sorority made our way into the competition until falling just short in the last poll. It was definitely a memorable day when the NBC trucks rolled up to Deglman Circle though, and one that won’t soon slip the minds of Creighton students who attended.

KLandHodaJays Athletics

It has been an unforgettable season for Jays athletics already and we are just getting started. The Men’s Soccer team made it back to the College Cup, the Volleyball team won an NCAA tournament game and will likely end the season ranked. The Men and Women’s basketball teams are off to strong starts and we have an All American candidate in Doug McDermott!

All in all it has been an exciting semester and while there are plenty of events that weren’t covered in this brief blog post it was one for the ages. To those of you who are leaving us best wishes on your future endeavors and for everyone else enjoy the spring semester and we’ll see you when everyone return from break.

Go Jays!


Congrats to Men’s Soccer!

Hey all,

This is Andrew from Residence Life here to talk about a pretty popular team here at Creighton, the men’s soccer team.  The men’s soccer team this year had quite a run.  They not only managed to keep a national ranking over the course of the year and win the MVC tournament, but then continued on to win enough games to get them to the College cup, the soccer equivalent of the March madness final four, for a second year in a row.  Unfortunately, the eighth-ranked Creighton men’s soccer team had its 14-match unbeaten streak snapped in the College Cup semifinals, falling 1-0 to Indiana.  With this appearance Creighton recorded its fifth College Cup appearance in school history and second consecutive trip. CU’s only national title game appearance came in 2000, after defeating Indiana in triple-overtime that year.  What is also pretty cool is that Major League Soccer announced Tuesday that Creighton men’s soccer seniors Jose Gomez and Andrew Ribeiro are among 54 NCAA Division I college seniors invited to participate in the 2013 Adidas MLS Player Combine.  All invited players will be eligible for selection in 2013 SuperDraft presented by Adidas.   Give it up for the Creighton Men’s soccer team!

Christmas Break Ideas!

With finals right around the corner, it can seem hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel so-to-speak. Even though this will probably be a week of poor diet choices (McDonalds and Taco Bell), lots of coffee, and little sleep, there is still something to look forward to: Christmas break. Here are some ideas of how to spend your time over this school free month:


1. Spend all day in bed watching Netflix

2. Finally download all the songs you’ve been making a list of for the last couple months

3. Watch a movie a day

4. Read a book or two

5. Catch up on your favorite shows (Dexter and How I met your Mother are two good options)

6. Go for a quick jog or maybe hit the gym

7. Eat lots of holiday food of course

8. Go out to lunch with high school friends


More than anything though, just take some time to relax and enjoy all the stress-free time you have away from college.

Go Greek!

Every January, men and women of various Greek organizations scramble and organize for one event that happens only once a year. The hubbub of Recruitment fills the air as the new semester begins at Creighton. Sorority women create songs, dances, and skits, as the fraternity men bond over food and activities during Recruitment. Every organization looks to potential new members to carry on the legacy of each organization, and each chapter thrives during the recruitment process. Energy, conversation, laughter, tradition, and ritual are just a few aspects of the recruitment process for both men and women.

The Recruitment season for women starts Monday, January 14th and ends Sunday, January 20th, with men’s recruitment following after for two weeks. Recruitment at Creighton has a “come one, come all” attitude. Every student whether a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior is welcome to participate in Recruitment and encouraged to find their place in the welcoming arms of the Creighton Greek community.

In this process, potential new members are able to converse with active members of each chapter about the beliefs, ideals, values, philanthropies, scholarship, and the amity each chapter offers.

Being a member of a sorority chapter on campus, I have been able to learn so much about myself and the meaning of sisterhood. Before coming to college, I had a sister in a Greek organization, and I thought it was something I might like, little did I know that I would love being a part of Greek life. My letters do not define me, but they do make me a better person. I strongly encourage people to go through the Recruitment process, even if they have doubts about Greek life. It opens up doors to many opportunities and lends itself to building friendships that could last a lifetime, whether or not you end up joining an organization. The process itself is a learning experience, which I think could benefit any student.

Please follow this link for more information about men’s and women’s spring formal recruitment:

The Night St. Nick Rolled In

Season’s greetings! Laura Jablonski back in action as an RA in Kiewit Hall, here to keep you current on residence hall happenings. Yesterday, December 6, was the feast day of St. Nicholas, otherwise known as St. Nick’s Day. Tradition dictates children of all ages leave their shoes out so St. Nick might leave them a holiday treat, perhaps in the form of a sweet or small trinket.


This holiday’s got “impromptu residence hall program” written all over it. The hall was quickly reminded of the holiday and that St. Nick may be dropping by that night to spread Christmas cheer. All through the floors, Kiewit residents put out their shoes, and one by one, candy canes filled the insides of slippers and sneakers as St. Nick passed by. We all heard “ho, ho, ho’s” and could feel his rosy cheeks approaching from a mile away.

This brings up the question: how can we incorporate the spirit of St. Nick’s Day into our everyday lives, not just in the holiday season, but all year long? How delightful it is to awaken to a sweet surprise from a kind stranger. How might we “awaken” those around us by our thoughtful gestures? Digest this food for thought in the season of reflection that comes with the holidays.

Did I mention I was St. Nick last night? Yes, I dressed up as Santa Claus and brought candy canes to all. Taping several cotton makeup pads to your face to create a snowy white “beard” is much more exciting than you’d expect. Give it a try. Be St. Nick for someone today and spread joyful cheer.


Biking Bluejays

In the wake of Bill McKibben’s visit to the Jocelyn to deliver a powerful and action-driven message regarding the reality of global climate change, environmentally conscious Creighton students (i.e. everyone – right?) must be having a hard time putting their bikes into storage in favor of cars.  In the winter, this change is driven by necessity and safety – but what about the rest of the year?  Creighton’s new Energy Conservation Policy proves that the University is taking our impact on climate change seriously, but maybe there is a way to encourage students to do the same!


Of the countless daily activities that directly or indirectly emit harmful chemicals into our atmosphere, the use of fuel-dependent transportation is a large chunk of individual carbon output.  In short, each American contributes approximately 17.1 metric tons of carbon emissions to the atmosphere each year, and 5.1 of these tons are from cars.  Although many students require cars to navigate around Omaha, to internships, shadowing, work, etc., others have admitted that they use a car to get to locations to which they could have easily walked or biked – sometimes quicker than driving due to a long search for parking!


How could students be incentivized to use bicycles instead of driving?  Well, the University of Louisville’s Earn-A-Bike program asks students to volunteer to give up their parking permits for two years.  Those who do are eligible to receive a $400 voucher toward a new bike, helmet, U-lock and other bike-related products and services.  And if you have been to the Aksarben/UNO area since last summer, you have already seen the B-cycle kiosks that allow anyone to swipe a membership card or credit card and rent a bike for a desired time frame.


Could something similar to these be implemented on Creighton’s campus for close commuters?  Talk to IRHG or CSU representatives if you want to make it happen!

Omaha Ice Skating

While the weather continues to offer astounding sixty degree temperatures into December, don’t let that fool you because its about to get cold… ice cold.  When it inevitably happens there will be more slippery ice on campus than blue jay puns.  Some of us just can’t beat the temptation to take a quick slide on those slick brick walkways.  Even when you fall on the treacherously uneven bricks, there is plenty of ice around to keep the swelling down.  Whether you prefer skating or slipping and sliding, there are plenty of options for those who want to take their favorite winter hobby to the next level.  Conagra Foods ice rink offers a nearby skating option for just $5 in downtown Omaha.  Conagra will be open from December 14th through January 6th.  Unfortunately for some of us this is smack dab in the middle of winter break.  Fortunately there are still other options available right now and next semester! A brisk walk or drive over to 42nd and Dewey will take you straight to the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s ice rink where you can get in for $5 or $8 with a skate rental.  UNMC’s rink is open from now until March 1st.  If outdoor skating doesn’t interest you there are some other options further away.  Moylan Iceplex and Hitchcock ice arena are also available as indoor options.  Both Moylan and Hitchcock offer pickup ice hockey as well if you have the skills and the fortitude.  Even though nothing comes close to warming an icy heart like hot chocolate, the sensation of floating on a bed of ice is guaranteed to lift your spirits!