Academic Services

Hi there! I’m Kristina Ward, the RA for Kiewit 8 South. Congratulations on being almost halfway through not-so-dead week!

If you’re needing a little extra support while getting through that last paper or preparing for that cumulative Chemistry final, don’t forget to consider some of the FREE services Creighton offers students.

The Office of Student Success offers free tutoring. If you’re in Chemistry, Math, Accounting, or Nursing Anatomy there are group drop-in tutoring hours that are a great resource for some last-minute assistance. You can also schedule a 1:1 tutoring for one session per week for free! Check out to sign up for tutoring.

The library’s Research Assistance Program (RAP) is a great research if you’re having a difficult time narrowing a topic or finding sources for a research paper. When I made a RAP appointment I was amazed at the progress I made in my free 30 minute session. Check out this link for more information or to sign up for a session:

The Writing Center is an excellent resource if you are in the editing phase of a paper. Sign up for a 25 minute session Creighton Hall 136, and bring your paper in the most complete version possible to your appointment to get feedback on how to improve your grammar or writing style

Finally, if you’re more of an independent studier, stop by Skutt during finals week between 1 and 6 for FREE COFFEE! After all, sometimes the best way to finish a semester is with an extra dose of caffeine J

Good luck on the rest of the year!



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