Omaha Ice Skating

While the weather continues to offer astounding sixty degree temperatures into December, don’t let that fool you because its about to get cold… ice cold.  When it inevitably happens there will be more slippery ice on campus than blue jay puns.  Some of us just can’t beat the temptation to take a quick slide on those slick brick walkways.  Even when you fall on the treacherously uneven bricks, there is plenty of ice around to keep the swelling down.  Whether you prefer skating or slipping and sliding, there are plenty of options for those who want to take their favorite winter hobby to the next level.  Conagra Foods ice rink offers a nearby skating option for just $5 in downtown Omaha.  Conagra will be open from December 14th through January 6th.  Unfortunately for some of us this is smack dab in the middle of winter break.  Fortunately there are still other options available right now and next semester! A brisk walk or drive over to 42nd and Dewey will take you straight to the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s ice rink where you can get in for $5 or $8 with a skate rental.  UNMC’s rink is open from now until March 1st.  If outdoor skating doesn’t interest you there are some other options further away.  Moylan Iceplex and Hitchcock ice arena are also available as indoor options.  Both Moylan and Hitchcock offer pickup ice hockey as well if you have the skills and the fortitude.  Even though nothing comes close to warming an icy heart like hot chocolate, the sensation of floating on a bed of ice is guaranteed to lift your spirits!


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