Biking Bluejays

In the wake of Bill McKibben’s visit to the Jocelyn to deliver a powerful and action-driven message regarding the reality of global climate change, environmentally conscious Creighton students (i.e. everyone – right?) must be having a hard time putting their bikes into storage in favor of cars.  In the winter, this change is driven by necessity and safety – but what about the rest of the year?  Creighton’s new Energy Conservation Policy proves that the University is taking our impact on climate change seriously, but maybe there is a way to encourage students to do the same!


Of the countless daily activities that directly or indirectly emit harmful chemicals into our atmosphere, the use of fuel-dependent transportation is a large chunk of individual carbon output.  In short, each American contributes approximately 17.1 metric tons of carbon emissions to the atmosphere each year, and 5.1 of these tons are from cars.  Although many students require cars to navigate around Omaha, to internships, shadowing, work, etc., others have admitted that they use a car to get to locations to which they could have easily walked or biked – sometimes quicker than driving due to a long search for parking!


How could students be incentivized to use bicycles instead of driving?  Well, the University of Louisville’s Earn-A-Bike program asks students to volunteer to give up their parking permits for two years.  Those who do are eligible to receive a $400 voucher toward a new bike, helmet, U-lock and other bike-related products and services.  And if you have been to the Aksarben/UNO area since last summer, you have already seen the B-cycle kiosks that allow anyone to swipe a membership card or credit card and rent a bike for a desired time frame.


Could something similar to these be implemented on Creighton’s campus for close commuters?  Talk to IRHG or CSU representatives if you want to make it happen!


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