The Night St. Nick Rolled In

Season’s greetings! Laura Jablonski back in action as an RA in Kiewit Hall, here to keep you current on residence hall happenings. Yesterday, December 6, was the feast day of St. Nicholas, otherwise known as St. Nick’s Day. Tradition dictates children of all ages leave their shoes out so St. Nick might leave them a holiday treat, perhaps in the form of a sweet or small trinket.


This holiday’s got “impromptu residence hall program” written all over it. The hall was quickly reminded of the holiday and that St. Nick may be dropping by that night to spread Christmas cheer. All through the floors, Kiewit residents put out their shoes, and one by one, candy canes filled the insides of slippers and sneakers as St. Nick passed by. We all heard “ho, ho, ho’s” and could feel his rosy cheeks approaching from a mile away.

This brings up the question: how can we incorporate the spirit of St. Nick’s Day into our everyday lives, not just in the holiday season, but all year long? How delightful it is to awaken to a sweet surprise from a kind stranger. How might we “awaken” those around us by our thoughtful gestures? Digest this food for thought in the season of reflection that comes with the holidays.

Did I mention I was St. Nick last night? Yes, I dressed up as Santa Claus and brought candy canes to all. Taping several cotton makeup pads to your face to create a snowy white “beard” is much more exciting than you’d expect. Give it a try. Be St. Nick for someone today and spread joyful cheer.



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