Go Greek!

Every January, men and women of various Greek organizations scramble and organize for one event that happens only once a year. The hubbub of Recruitment fills the air as the new semester begins at Creighton. Sorority women create songs, dances, and skits, as the fraternity men bond over food and activities during Recruitment. Every organization looks to potential new members to carry on the legacy of each organization, and each chapter thrives during the recruitment process. Energy, conversation, laughter, tradition, and ritual are just a few aspects of the recruitment process for both men and women.

The Recruitment season for women starts Monday, January 14th and ends Sunday, January 20th, with men’s recruitment following after for two weeks. Recruitment at Creighton has a “come one, come all” attitude. Every student whether a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior is welcome to participate in Recruitment and encouraged to find their place in the welcoming arms of the Creighton Greek community.

In this process, potential new members are able to converse with active members of each chapter about the beliefs, ideals, values, philanthropies, scholarship, and the amity each chapter offers.

Being a member of a sorority chapter on campus, I have been able to learn so much about myself and the meaning of sisterhood. Before coming to college, I had a sister in a Greek organization, and I thought it was something I might like, little did I know that I would love being a part of Greek life. My letters do not define me, but they do make me a better person. I strongly encourage people to go through the Recruitment process, even if they have doubts about Greek life. It opens up doors to many opportunities and lends itself to building friendships that could last a lifetime, whether or not you end up joining an organization. The process itself is a learning experience, which I think could benefit any student.

Please follow this link for more information about men’s and women’s spring formal recruitment:



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