New Semester, New Mentality

Hi everyone! You’ve heard from me before on here, but once again, my name is Kristyn Angsten and I am senior a RA in Swanson. I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing break. But now, we’re all back here on campus and hopefully prepared for a new semester! I’m sure you’re excited to be back and to see those friends that you had to say goodbye to for a month. Hopefully some of you missed your RA, too 😉

Well, for one of the first blog posts of the semester, I wanted to talk a little about our mentality heading into this second semester. As a senior, this is the last time I will be returning from a long break to complete yet another academic term. I know how it’s nice to feel refreshed and ready for a new semester, but I have learned that can sometimes wear off fairly quickly. You may or may not have learned that, too. Sometimes, we intend on staying up to date (or ahead) with our school work and tasks, but it’s so easy to start procrastinating right away. We tell ourselves, “it’s the beginning of the semester, I’ll have plenty of time to get x or y done.” Well, having learned from experience, I would just like to offer a bit of advice to everyone to use that motivation you have at the beginning of the semester to your advantage. Start your readings, assignments, etc. as soon as you can. You will surely appreciate that in the future. Be sure to reward yourself, of course, but make sure not to reward yourself before you have done the things you’re supposed to do. You have the power to control that amount of stress you could potentially feel mid-semester. At that point, we sometimes feel we deserve a little break to get away from that stress, even though we know how much we have to do. So, why not prepare? Start studying during this first week of classes. Did you get an assignment today? How about doing it tonight?

I will share with you a few study habits that I’ve been using since I started college. First, I do my best to never save an assignment for the night before it’s due. This is usually possible in most cases since most courses have a syllabus. If you wait until the last minute, you never know what could come up in those few hours you save to do an assignment. Plus, the sense of accomplishment for completing an assignment a little early is great. Another habit I have is to make sure I do my homework on Friday night (or whatever the first night of the weekend is) so that I will have the rest of the weekend free once I’m done. If I finish everything in time to hang out with my friends on Friday night, that’s great and I then have the entire weekend left. Trust me, it’s beneficial.

I hope I haven’t rambled too much. Overall, I just want to remind you how important it is to stay motivated and to use that “new semester” energy to your advantage.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve gained something from this.

Until next time,



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