Avoiding the Senior Slump

Being a second semester senior, I can feel the temptation to let yourself go. Forget about all of the schoolwork and focus on other things. I do not think that moving your priorities when you have reached a second semester senior is exactly wrong. In just a few short months all of us will move on with our lives, move on to new jobs, the real world, or go to our different choice of graduate school. Some of us will be starting out a whole new life here in a very short time. We will be having to pay bills, deal with finances that were not a part of our daily lives until this time. This will be a very large change for all of us and before this real world comes, I say we enjoy our college lives!

I have always been a proponent of getting the most out of your college experience, and I encourage this even more when the end of college is close. I am not trying to say that we should start to behave in ways that are irresponsible or dangerous, but simply have fun. It is too easy to simply stop caring about our grades and school. To give up and not care is the easy way out, not challenge yourself in your last bit of college. All four years of college are needed to develop one’s self, not just three and a half years. I feel as though one should finish school as you started it, working hard and doing your best. However, we legitimately only have a few months left in being able to hang out with friends. A few more months before the real world responsibilities hit. I whole-heartedly believe that we need to take advantage of this time left. Go on a spring break trip! Go over to your friend’s house or apartment on that random night more often!

Your senior year is something that should not be wasted. Our time in college is fleeting and this is our last hurrah before we leave for good. Do not shirk your responsibilities, do not blow off your classes, but enjoy the last few days and have a damn good time doing so.

Trent Rogers


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