Reading and Living MLK

Laura Jablonski back to discuss Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today, on his day, the day in which we officially recognize him as a great leader year after year. While Dr. King is best known for advocating civil rights as well as peaceful civil disobedience, little known facts about Dr. King make his success all the more impressive. At the time he received the Nobel Price Peace Prize, he was the youngest person to do at age 35. He wrote five books as well as countless articles published in magazines and newspapers. He gave over 2,500 speeches in his travels.

But Dr. King’s didn’t intend to be impressive, he wanted to advance social change. Think on that… Your own goals, what you do with you studies, free time, and other involvements… Do you do these things to impress others or work toward a greater goal? This is only one of many ways we can relate Dr. King’s life to our own, to apply his drive and progressivism toward our own goals.

This where I turn to ask you: When’s the last time you used Creighton’s library? No, I’m not asking the last time you sat inside the place to study. When’s the last time you checked out a book to read not for class, but for your own personal interest? I can’t remember, either. I’ll tell you one thing: Dr. King is worth knowing a lot about. The peace he practiced is worth understanding and implementing in our daily lives.

Enter the “Martin Luther King” in the library search and thousands of results come back. Go there today and check out one of his own works or what others have written about him. It’s not enough to simply nod in recognition to him on his dedicated day. Today is a day we celebrate peaceful action and equality for all. Those are the gifts Dr. King gave us, as well as countless others. Start reading and share his gifts to those you meet today and every day.


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