New Card Sensors!

Coming back from winter break, I noticed something new in my residence hall. I could not have been happier at the moment when I saw that small black device with the red light – the sensor pad. I had bags of clothes and groceries on my arms, which were in hurting as I was carrying them from the McGloin garage to Swanson Hall. As a college student, I developed a habit of carrying as much as I could from my car and take the least amount of trips back and forth. So when I saw this sensor, I had a sigh of relief. I could just rub my wallet in my pocket next to the sensor, instead of laying down my bags, then getting my wallet, then taking out my Creighton ID, then activate the sensor, then put back my card into my wallet… Even though this is a small thing, I actually really appreciate it. I remember using the swiping sensor for the past two years, which was not too bad. However, I remember all of the times I had difficulty with it like the occasional two or three attempts for the device to unlock the door.

What are your initial thoughts of the device? Do you think this will help with the flow of traffic in residence halls? What are some of your favorite stories with the older swiping sensors?


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