The Sometimes Average Day of a Creighton Student

A Photoblog by Joey Kulczewski

Waking up each morning on a lofted bed
Convenient for space, not for sleeping

iPhone… CHECK!

Sperry’s… CHECK!

Northface… CHECK!


Press the crosswalk button! No bystander effect for me!

Hurry up 12 seconds goes by fast!

Chilling on the mall before class with all my peeps
Why I am so popular?

Class in Creighton Hall…

4th Floor…

Class over! Time to study in the library
But avoid the F door at all cost

Because we all check out books so regularly

The Library can be a productive place

Nobody knows what it means, but it’s provocative
Gets the people going

Time to eat

Sometimes it’s okay to eat dessert alone…

Always remember to swipe into the res halls
No Piggy Backing!

Probably should do laundry
Let’s be honest…it’s been a while!

End the night with a last minute cram session

What does your sometimes average day at Creighton look like? Tell us and show us by Tweeting and Facebooking us!


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