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Hall-A-Dayz Gallagher

Nestled on the west end of campus lies the beautiful residence hall, Gallagher Hall. It’s extremely different from all other halls and that is made apparent from the moment you step in, because an overwhelming sensation of home overtakes you. When you are a part of Gallagher, you’re not just another face, you’re part of a family.


The lobby is more like a family room, where you will always find residents talking, hanging out, doing homework, or watching movies. The kitchen is a social place too, with residents from all backgrounds cooking and sharing the comforts of their home.



Play ping-pong with the Resident Director or chess with the hall chaplain Br. Pat, there is never a shortage of fun at Gallagher. Residents here are definitely the most creative on campus when it comes to making fun. Chair-iot racing, spa nights, floor wars, the possibilities are endless.

Walk through the halls and you will see open doors and hear laughter, maybe also the faint sound of music coming from the 5th floor showers. Residents at Gallagher truly get to know each other. When freshmen are forced to be so far from home and family, Gallagher Hall makes that transition easier by establishing a new, quirky, and crazier one that will enhance any students’ experience here at Creighton. Join our Gallagher family and stop on by! Our doors are always open!

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Hall-A-Dayz – Davis Square

One-Liners for Davis Hall from Davis Residents

“It’s incredibly close to Harper Center”

“It’s close to Morrison Stadium and Rasmussen Center”

Great for upperclassmen who live on campus

“Davis Diner.”

“Alonso is an awesome chef at the Davis Diner, be friends with him”

“It’s like Hogwarts but better!”

“I like the red brick design.”

“I like posing in front of the nun statue with my friends”

“It’s an escape from campus, but not.”

“I kind of like Davis more than Opus”

“My room is a lot more spacious than Swanson”

“Many of my friends live on my floor. We planned it, and it is awesome”

“It’s closer than Opus”

“I like the grill in the Davis Square”

“There is a cool parking lot near Davis”


Hall-A-Dayz – Heider Hall

Heider Hall. You heard of it? If you haven’t, it’s a seriously awesome on-campus residence hall you can live in next year. Thinking about living there yourself? If you’re not thinking about it, you should. Here’s why:

The rooms. You gotta see these places to believe them. These spacious rooms are about as close to off-campus super cool apartment living as you can get, while still being on campus. What a luxury! Inside each apartment you’ll find a roomy kitchen, equipped with stove and full-sized refrigerator. There’s a dining area and welcoming family room, as well. A bedroom with ample closet space and bathroom top off this great living space.

Let’s not forget the balcony that spans the width of the apartment. Can you imagine awakening to a breathtaking view each morning and then stepping outside to breath in the fresh air? Sounds like paradise to me.

Community thrives through Heider’s halls. While you get your privacy, there’s always someone to meet in the hall. With 84 total apartments over Heider’s 12 floors, you’re sure to live alongside old and new friends alike. And with these fantastic living spaces, you’ll be one happy camper, making you even happier to get to know your neighbors. Think of the possibilities! You may even meet Heider’s resident campus president: Fr. Timothy R. Lannon, S.J.

Does this sound like the right fit? Then Heider’s the place for you. Grab your roommates and get registering!

Hall-A-Dayz – Swanson Hall

What are you looking for in a residence hall for your sophomore year? Spacious living? Great location? Connected to dining? You can find all of that and more in Swanson hall. I lived in Swanson hall my sophomore year and loved it. The suite style living is great with the two rooms and the bathroom in between. You are right in the heart of campus and this allows for you to sleep in about as long as you can in order to run to any classroom on campus. With the majority of sophomore students living in Swanson, you are able to be with many of your friends from freshman year. The building itself has great neutral zones on each floor with couches and chairs for you to study or simply hang out. The lobby has a sweet ping pong table as well. If location is key to your decision in where you want to live your sophomore year, then look no farther than Swanson hall!


If you need further information, check out this website and feel free to ask any Res Life staff!

Hall-A-Dayz – McGloin

Welcome to the wonderful world of McGloin Hall.

Walking down the mall on the East side of 24th street, you may have wondered what the five story red building on the right side with the bird statues outside of it looks like on the inside. If you were wondering this, then this is the perfect blog post for you!

McGloin Hall is an all sophomore-housing hall with suite style rooms. Each room is comprised of two rooms attached by a living room and a bathroom. Yay no more community bathrooms! You may be asking to yourself: “What is included in these rooms?”

Well, McGloin rooms come with a couch, chair, coffee table, small refrigerator, and microwave, along with desks, dressers, and beds. How awesome is that? The only thing better than that is the walk in closet each room has. Each living room also comes equipped with ample pantry storage space for food, dishes, and anything else you may have. One other perk of the McGloin living room is the full-length mirror that comes with your room, so you can check out how great you look every day!

Each floor has a spacious neutral zone and kitchen. How neat is that?

McGloin also has a rocking community partner, which is the Assumption/Guadalupe school. So, if you are looking for great service opportunities, McGloin is the place to live.

Feeling hungry at night, but it is too cold to walk to Brandeis? Luckily for you, there is the lovely Java Jay café in the basement of McGloin. You can indulge in a nice coffee or grilled cheese sandwich and many other things. Java Jay has a quiet coffee shop vibe with an enclosed study room in the back. Also, Java Jay is the venue of the many open mic nights put on by various organizations. Also in the McGloin basement, there is a TV room, laundry room, study room, vending machines, and a pool table.

To find more information on room layout and dimensions, visit:

Hall-A-Dayz – Kenefick

Hello Everyone! It’s Kristyn again. This blog will mostly pertain to freshmen who are preparing to make decisions about housing next year. This week, our ResLife blog will be offering you cool ways to learn about your options on campus. To kick the week off, I will be telling you about Kenefick! I lived in Kenefick as a sophomore and had a great experience. Kenefick is located on 20th street, just past the highway bridge. I lived in a spacious efficiency room with one other person. There are two types of rooms that Kenefick offers. There are efficiency rooms or corner rooms. Corner rooms are a little bit bigger and have an actual bedroom with its own door.  That bedroom also has a walk in closet. Efficiency rooms have armoires instead of closets. And of course, each room has its own bathroom. Both types of rooms have kitchens, which is awesome. As a bacon lover, I appreciated being able to cook my own bacon in the comfort of my own room. You’ll learn a little bit more about the rooms in the video tour that we have for you today.

Let me talk a little bit more about the layout of Kenefick.  Typically, there are 8 rooms per floor (4 corner and 4 efficiency). Did you know Kenefick has its own garage? Residents who live in Kenefick will have the opportunity to participate in the parking lottery at the beginning of the school year. On the first floor, there is of course the lovely front desk. The ARD and RD offices are also on this floor. On the L floor (one floor above the first floor) there are some awesome amenities. The most popular is probably the Kenefick theatre! It’s a great place to watch movies or play some video games. Kenefick also holds their Keneflix programs here. There is also a lounge room with a pool table, a tv, and some couches. Don’t feel like going to the KFC/Rasmussen center to work out? Well, Kenefick also has a small gym on the L floor! Other amenities on this floor include a study room with computers, a kitchen, and the mailboxes. Also, can’t forget that the vending machines are on this floor.

I hope this helps in your hunt for a place to live next year! Good luck.



Miniature Earth!

Think of the world. Seven billion people and counting. That is 7,000,000,000! But how do we quantify this? How do we think of 3 million people with HIV/AIDS? It’s easy to get lost in the numbers, to lose the humanity and individual struggle of each and every person by sticking a demographic on the people of the world. But what if, what if the entire world was just a single village? If we took everyone and created a village of 100 people, but keeping all of the same proportions, who would have what? did just this. Check out their website for their video—it’s absolutely terrifying. 42 people do not have basic sanitation. If we just look at Creighton’s freshman class, (about 1000 people), 420 of them would not be able to use the bathroom! That. Is. Crazy. Only 25 people have a roof over their head, a fridge for food, and a closet for clothes. If Creighton’s freshman class represented this, 750 would be not be able to stay in the residence halls. Imagine how empty Kiewit would be.

It’s astounding. But how does this relate to us? Well, I wanted to bring these statistics to Creighton. I wanted for people on campus to realize just how lucky we are to be able to use the bathrooms on campus and stay in residence halls, compared to the world. So, I created the Miniature Earth Project, an interactive hunger banquet based off of the video at  It’s time we open our eyes, to see just how pretty we are sitting in the world. Maybe, just maybe, we will realize just how precious water is. A toilet. A bank account. Who knows, maybe we can just change the world.

The Miniature Earth Project will be on February 26th at 7pm. Check for posters on campus (They’re green)!



Erika Fennen

Junior Biology Major