Finding Nemo

Perhaps no one in America is holding onto the possibility of an early Spring, as predicted by groundhog “Punxsutawney Phil”, more than those in the Northeast. The deadly “nor’easter” has dumped 3 feet of snow and caused 9 deaths. Despite the nearly 700,000 without power, the world of 3G and social media has brought the reality of this storm to the rest of us, and has even given a name to the storm: Nemo.

The National Weather Service has not officially named this storm, and has not acknowledged Nemo as its name either. The name that has been attached to the storm on Facebook and Twitter has raised awareness and made it easier to track the storm and stay updated on the devastation.

Nemo’s “Twitter-ability” has given celebrities the chance to tweet their own thoughts about this weekend’s storm:

Daniel Tosh: Someone in Boston did this after the snowstorms Friday”

Ellen DeGeneres: “I hope everyone stays safe on the East Coast during the blizzard. In other news, #Nemo is trending. That movie really is a classic.”

Justin Bieber: “up real early today for a LONG DAY of rehearsals. and now a blizzard is coming. no issue. Im canadian.”

Snooki: “That’s right! My a** shoveling the driveway.”

Even memes from the NYPost…

Pic2 Pic3

Remember to #justkeepswimming


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