Miniature Earth!

Think of the world. Seven billion people and counting. That is 7,000,000,000! But how do we quantify this? How do we think of 3 million people with HIV/AIDS? It’s easy to get lost in the numbers, to lose the humanity and individual struggle of each and every person by sticking a demographic on the people of the world. But what if, what if the entire world was just a single village? If we took everyone and created a village of 100 people, but keeping all of the same proportions, who would have what? did just this. Check out their website for their video—it’s absolutely terrifying. 42 people do not have basic sanitation. If we just look at Creighton’s freshman class, (about 1000 people), 420 of them would not be able to use the bathroom! That. Is. Crazy. Only 25 people have a roof over their head, a fridge for food, and a closet for clothes. If Creighton’s freshman class represented this, 750 would be not be able to stay in the residence halls. Imagine how empty Kiewit would be.

It’s astounding. But how does this relate to us? Well, I wanted to bring these statistics to Creighton. I wanted for people on campus to realize just how lucky we are to be able to use the bathrooms on campus and stay in residence halls, compared to the world. So, I created the Miniature Earth Project, an interactive hunger banquet based off of the video at  It’s time we open our eyes, to see just how pretty we are sitting in the world. Maybe, just maybe, we will realize just how precious water is. A toilet. A bank account. Who knows, maybe we can just change the world.

The Miniature Earth Project will be on February 26th at 7pm. Check for posters on campus (They’re green)!



Erika Fennen

Junior Biology Major


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