Hall-A-Dayz – Kenefick

Hello Everyone! It’s Kristyn again. This blog will mostly pertain to freshmen who are preparing to make decisions about housing next year. This week, our ResLife blog will be offering you cool ways to learn about your options on campus. To kick the week off, I will be telling you about Kenefick! I lived in Kenefick as a sophomore and had a great experience. Kenefick is located on 20th street, just past the highway bridge. I lived in a spacious efficiency room with one other person. There are two types of rooms that Kenefick offers. There are efficiency rooms or corner rooms. Corner rooms are a little bit bigger and have an actual bedroom with its own door.  That bedroom also has a walk in closet. Efficiency rooms have armoires instead of closets. And of course, each room has its own bathroom. Both types of rooms have kitchens, which is awesome. As a bacon lover, I appreciated being able to cook my own bacon in the comfort of my own room. You’ll learn a little bit more about the rooms in the video tour that we have for you today.

Let me talk a little bit more about the layout of Kenefick.  Typically, there are 8 rooms per floor (4 corner and 4 efficiency). Did you know Kenefick has its own garage? Residents who live in Kenefick will have the opportunity to participate in the parking lottery at the beginning of the school year. On the first floor, there is of course the lovely front desk. The ARD and RD offices are also on this floor. On the L floor (one floor above the first floor) there are some awesome amenities. The most popular is probably the Kenefick theatre! It’s a great place to watch movies or play some video games. Kenefick also holds their Keneflix programs here. There is also a lounge room with a pool table, a tv, and some couches. Don’t feel like going to the KFC/Rasmussen center to work out? Well, Kenefick also has a small gym on the L floor! Other amenities on this floor include a study room with computers, a kitchen, and the mailboxes. Also, can’t forget that the vending machines are on this floor.

I hope this helps in your hunt for a place to live next year! Good luck.




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