Hall-A-Dayz – McGloin

Welcome to the wonderful world of McGloin Hall.

Walking down the mall on the East side of 24th street, you may have wondered what the five story red building on the right side with the bird statues outside of it looks like on the inside. If you were wondering this, then this is the perfect blog post for you!

McGloin Hall is an all sophomore-housing hall with suite style rooms. Each room is comprised of two rooms attached by a living room and a bathroom. Yay no more community bathrooms! You may be asking to yourself: “What is included in these rooms?”

Well, McGloin rooms come with a couch, chair, coffee table, small refrigerator, and microwave, along with desks, dressers, and beds. How awesome is that? The only thing better than that is the walk in closet each room has. Each living room also comes equipped with ample pantry storage space for food, dishes, and anything else you may have. One other perk of the McGloin living room is the full-length mirror that comes with your room, so you can check out how great you look every day!

Each floor has a spacious neutral zone and kitchen. How neat is that?

McGloin also has a rocking community partner, which is the Assumption/Guadalupe school. So, if you are looking for great service opportunities, McGloin is the place to live.

Feeling hungry at night, but it is too cold to walk to Brandeis? Luckily for you, there is the lovely Java Jay café in the basement of McGloin. You can indulge in a nice coffee or grilled cheese sandwich and many other things. Java Jay has a quiet coffee shop vibe with an enclosed study room in the back. Also, Java Jay is the venue of the many open mic nights put on by various organizations. Also in the McGloin basement, there is a TV room, laundry room, study room, vending machines, and a pool table.

To find more information on room layout and dimensions, visit:



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