Hall-A-Dayz – Davis Square

One-Liners for Davis Hall from Davis Residents

“It’s incredibly close to Harper Center”

“It’s close to Morrison Stadium and Rasmussen Center”

Great for upperclassmen who live on campus

“Davis Diner.”

“Alonso is an awesome chef at the Davis Diner, be friends with him”

“It’s like Hogwarts but better!”

“I like the red brick design.”

“I like posing in front of the nun statue with my friends”

“It’s an escape from campus, but not.”

“I kind of like Davis more than Opus”

“My room is a lot more spacious than Swanson”

“Many of my friends live on my floor. We planned it, and it is awesome”

“It’s closer than Opus”

“I like the grill in the Davis Square”

“There is a cool parking lot near Davis”



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