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CU Locally

If you ever find yourself with a free afternoon or evening, you should check out and support these local businesses!!



Located on Howard St down in the Old Market, Drastic Plastic is a music/clothes shop. Great fun for a look around, Drastic Plastic has a wide selection of t-shirts, music related gifts, and records. I love perusing the stacks and the prices on vinyl are normally a bit cheaper than Homer’s (the selection is not as vast, though). If you enjoy Drastic Plastic, check out Saddle Creek Records on 14th St (next to Film Streams and The Slow Down)!



Where can I even begin with Ted and Wally’s?! Over 600 beautifully crafted and unique flavors, Ted and Wally’s is a family owned ice cream parlor that has been a part of the Old Market family for over 25 years. My favorite flavor is Cake Mix, what’s yours?



Curbside Clothing is a clothing store located on 11th St in the Old Market. The designs and prints of the t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, sweaters (and more!) are inspired by travels and cultural immersion. My favorite item I have from this store a shirt featuring a 2012 summer time Omaha skyline.



A superb place for a look around, the Imaginarium, located on 13th St in the Old Market, is a maze of antiques and old treasures. A great spot for finding quirky gifts, nostalgic gems, and vintage clothing, the Imaginarium is a good time!



Marrakech, located on California and 33rd St, is one of my favorite all time local Omaha restaurants (of all time). Marrakech is a Moroccan restaurant that features both Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine. Friendly staff and great food, Marrakech is a must visit if you feel like broadening your taste bud horizons. My “usual” is hot mint tea and Red Curry Chicken.


Finding Nemo

Perhaps no one in America is holding onto the possibility of an early Spring, as predicted by groundhog “Punxsutawney Phil”, more than those in the Northeast. The deadly “nor’easter” has dumped 3 feet of snow and caused 9 deaths. Despite the nearly 700,000 without power, the world of 3G and social media has brought the reality of this storm to the rest of us, and has even given a name to the storm: Nemo.

The National Weather Service has not officially named this storm, and has not acknowledged Nemo as its name either. The name that has been attached to the storm on Facebook and Twitter has raised awareness and made it easier to track the storm and stay updated on the devastation.

Nemo’s “Twitter-ability” has given celebrities the chance to tweet their own thoughts about this weekend’s storm:

Daniel Tosh: Someone in Boston did this after the snowstorms Friday”

Ellen DeGeneres: “I hope everyone stays safe on the East Coast during the blizzard. In other news, #Nemo is trending. That movie really is a classic.”

Justin Bieber: “up real early today for a LONG DAY of rehearsals. and now a blizzard is coming. no issue. Im canadian.”

Snooki: “That’s right! My a** shoveling the driveway.”

Even memes from the NYPost…

Pic2 Pic3

Remember to #justkeepswimming

Game time!

We all have that one dream when we’re younger, the job/jobs we would love to do. I had a friend who wanted to be a firefighting-ballerina-princess (unfortunately Creighton doesn’t currently offer that track), but mine was much simpler; I just wanted to play in the NBA. Sadly, my dream came crashing to down when I realized there was not a high demand for 6’3 posts with poor ball handling skills and a 20 inch vertical, however, the dream is back.



Recently Kenefick Resident Director Lucas Novotny showed up during my desk shift with the most wonderful gift of all: a Nerf basketball hoop. The hoop has recently consumed my desk shift, allowing me to create my own personal trick shots or playing HORSE against anyone willing to take on my sweet stroke. It has also rekindled my dream of playing professional basketball, possibly even in the NBA (Nerf Basketball Association). While it may steal my productivity from classwork it will undoubtedly only add to my value as a Nerf basketball player. The dream is still alive, it’s time to get back into the game.

Stay Healthy, Creighton

Hey all, Andrew Rappolt here are a few tips to keep yourself healthy healthy during this years flu season.

The flu this season is really taking a toll on the public.  Make sure that you’re keeping yourself safe and healthy with these few tips. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, and eating healthy. It is also important to stay active and find some ways to relieve some stress, this should keep your immune system nice and healthy. If you do start to develop symptoms it is important to know that it will take up to a week for the flu virus to really affect our bodies. After that you will see the following signs:

  • Fever with body temperature 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more
  • Common respiratory problems such as cold and cough
  • Clogged and runny nose
  • Migraine accompanied by muscle pains
  • Vomiting diarrhea chills and fatigue.

Make sure you get your flu shot, it can save you a lot of trouble!

On dip.

With the Super Bowl behind us and March Madness to look forward, there’s only one thing on everyone’s minds: dip. Some might say it’s dip that makes the game, and I’d have to agree. Whether it’s an appetizer or part of the main course, dip really brings people together for a night in. With so many varieties, how do you ever decide what dip to have? Well no worries, I’ve got a few of my favorites that you can try for yourselves.

First up is Buffalo Chicken dip. All it takes is ranch, cream cheese, mozzarella, chicken, Frank’s Red Hot, and about 20 minutes in the oven and you’re done. Try it with some tortilla chips and you’ve essentially got a less messy version of wings.



Next is the guac. Everyone thinks it’s a real pain to make but just mash up some avocados, throw in a little lime and you’re good to go.



The last dip is my favorite and probably the easiest to make: Chili cheese dip. Only three ingredients are needed and they all come in cans/jars. Throw queso, refried beans, and salsa in a casserole dish and bake for 15 or so minutes. Scoop it out with some Fritos and your night will be made.


Pianos Everywhere!




Creighton has a unique campus for a multitude of reasons, but one of the oft overlooked benefits of our residence halls is the 24/7 access to beautiful noisemakers that are arguably the most recognizable musical instruments in the modern world: pianos.  We can find prodigal music students, dabblers, and talented musicians seated in front of the black and white ivories displaying their talent on a daily basis.




Try to find an apartment complex with a piano in the lobby—or a condominium that comes with an upright.  Good luck!  So next time you are walking through the lobby and you hear the tinkling of Yiruma or Pachelbel’s Canon, maybe take a peaceful moment to appreciate the music and contemplate what other privileges you have as a student at this university.

Jesus as Athlete?

This semester I have been in a habit of speaking with one of my theology professors about some random thoughts I was having pertaining to Christianity.  One of my more recent thoughts was about the role of athletes as Christians.  Since I really had no idea how to approach the subject myself, I figured I might as well ask him.  So next time I saw him I asked, “Would Jesus have been a good athlete in today’s world?

“In some sports sure,” he smiled.

“What sports?” I looked at him quizzically.

“Well golf for one,” he said confidently, nodding his head.

“How do you know that?”

“You don’t remember the story of Thomas?”

“Of course, I know all about Thomas!”

“Hmm, you must have forgotten some details.” By that time, my professor shifted into a more somber mood.

I decided to push him further, “I don’t understand, can you explain what you mean?”

My professor carefully shuffled into his seat more.  “Well when Jesus had risen from the dead, Thomas was still not convinced that it was him.  In order for Thomas to believe, Jesus told him to look at his hands, and sure enough he had a hole in one.”