Mid-term Study Tips!

Stressed about Midterms?  Here are some tips to help you stay relaxed:


1.) Remember to find some time to exercise.  Exercise can help relieve some of the tension and stress that is building up and allow you to release some of it in a healthy manor.


2.) Try to still eat healthy.  Though you may be staying up late and just want to grab that pizza at late night or something, going for a healthier snack will help you stay focused and give your body and brain the nutrients it needs to help you get your work done well.


3.) Breathe!  Take a 10 minute break every 50 minutes or so.  Get up and stretch, walk around a little bit, take some deep breathes, etc.  Research shows that studying for 50 minutes at a time and then taking a 10 min break and doing something active (like walking around, stretching, etc) is the best way to study and will help you stay focused and retain the most material that you are studying.


4.) Study in groups or find quirky ways to remember the information you are studying.  You will remember it better if you make the information your “own” and find a mnemonic or weird way to remember the information rather than just reading the information off of your notes or the powerpoint.


5.) SLEEP!!  Sleep allows for the information to be processed by your brain and make the switch from short-term memory to long-term memory.  You will be able to focus better and retain more information if you remember to get some sleep!  Don’t pull those all-nighters!


6.) Last of all…have a reward!  Plan something fun for after your tests/papers to do either before break or during break.  Having something to look forward to will help you be able to push through the grind of this week.




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