Night Class Trap

When picking your schedule for your future semesters here at Creighton, be wary of night classes.  You may think, “I’d rather sit in a class once for three hours than three times for an hour. And the teacher will probably let us out early every time anyways.”  That’s all well and good.  But be wary my friend.  It’s hard to think about a class you only have once a week, more than once a week.  When do you think about what work you have to do for a class? For me it’s almost always the day or even night before.  But think about night classes; you’re doing three times the work every class.  So that means three times and much homework, three times as much material in each class session.  Well if you’re like me and you don’t think about work until the night before it’s due, you’ll be in trouble… like I am today.  If you do sign up for a night class or heaven forbid two, make sure you know what you’re getting into.  Make sure you work on that class just as much as others.  Just because it’s only once a week doesn’t mean it requires any less time than your other classes.  And if the homework isn’t due until the start of class when you have your test, don’t think you can do it all in one night/sitting.  I’ve made that mistake twice now.  I don’t learn from my mistakes too well but as I approach this midterm unprepared, I think I finally have learned my lesson.  So feel free to take night classes, just be wary of the once a week syndrome.


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