BluGold – Water Conservation

I think it’s safe to say that many of us take water for granted. Speaking from personal experience, I know I use plenty of water throughout my day without even thinking about it. Did you know that it takes six liters of water to flush a toilet? And that’s with the new “water saving” technology they’ve implemented on modern-day commodes. Water can be wasted doing other daily tasks such as washing your hands and brushing your teeth, the key is to make sure you turn the water off while brushing and then back on when it’s time to rinse! Water is a finite resource, and although we’ve been living with abundance, the truth is that only three percent of Earth’s water is drinkable and two-thirds of that three percent is frozen into glaciers. Right now we are able to build dams and irrigation systems to manipulate Earth’s freshwater, it’s easy to forget how precious it is. If you realize that you are using a lot of water in your daily routine, check out the BlüGold signs in your residence halls to learn more about how you can start saving Earth’s precious water supply!



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