Omaha in the Summer

When busy, we all count down the days for a break. Whether that break is fall break, thanksgiving, winter or spring, we all just move from one break to another. Summer always seems to drag on and you start to miss all your friends when everyone moves back home. I am here to encourage you to stay in Omaha for at least one summer of your college career. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun it is to stay here when you have a good chunk of your friends also staying. Sitting around on a front porch, sneaking into a swimming pool, and just being able to enjoy the city without all of the stress of college classes. Tailgate the CWS, go to as many games as you can, it is basically on campus! The entire city lights up and becomes even better during the CWS. Go throwback and break out a slip and slide. This is your chance to just do whatever you want in your free time with all of your close friends. As a graduating senior, I know I will always look back on my Omaha summer as one of the best experiences of my collegiate career.


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