Serve for Your Life!

You get eight fall/spring breaks through your four years at Creighton. Ever thought of it that way? Yes, eight separate weeks, each with endless possibilities. Have you used one of these weeks to serve something greater? No? Well, as the saying goes: “If not you, who? If not now, when?”

There’s a place right on campus that enables you to serve something greater. The Creighton Center for Service and Justice (CCSJ) in the Harper Center puts on Service and Justice Trips each fall and spring break to dozens of locations around the country, each addressing a unique social justice issue. Immigration policies, education issues, homelessness, and environmental sustainability only begin to scratch the surface of the plethora of experiences at your fingertips.

Here’s a personal service trip experience to really bring it home: Last year, I embarked on a trip to Pilsen, a Latino neighborhood in Chicago. I worked at a parish led by a matriarch named Miquita, an elderly woman who spoke only Spanish. To give you an idea of her warm demeanor, she was widely known as the “Mexican Mother Teresa.” Her soul seemed to glow, and I wanted so badly to hear her stories, but I didn’t speak a word of Spanish. Nevertheless, we would often smile at one another and sometimes she’d hold my hand as we walked from place to place. Her Christ-filled beauty beamed from these interactions, and I realized that though a spoken language barrier separated us, we’re all fluent in the language of compassion and humanity. I’ll embark on my sixth Creighton service for fall break 2013. These trips are the most formative and influential experiences I’ve had as a Creighton student. (Can you even fathom the weight of that statement? Think all the experiences, big or small, you’ve had as a student. These trips make an impact.)


Above all, these trips are rooted in the heart of the Jesuit mission. Whether or not you choose to integrate Creighton’s Jesuit values into your daily life, St. Ignatius of Loyola’s teachings are undeniably electrifying and meaningful. An experience rooted in such impassioned values creates the foundation for a profound experience through a Service and Justice Trip. Each experience allows students to grow into men and women for and with others, as St. Ignatius of Loyola teaches, and to be in solidarity with the many members of our human family.

If you’re at all interested in becoming an influential, uniquely formed individual, Creighton is the right place. It’s the Jesuit values that set Creighton apart, that form extraordinary agents for change. Want to actually put our Jesuit mission into action, rather than just talk about it sometimes? Opportunity’s knocking: Applications are available now for Fall Break 2013. They’re due April 9. You’ll find the application and all relevant details here:

Don’t miss out on this truly incredible opportunity. A CCSJ Service and Justice Trip is the beginning of something complex, profound, and wonderful. In this writer’s opinion, no Creighton career is complete without [at least] one.


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