The 15th Annual Creighton Student Art Exhibit

Oftentimes, when we think of the human skull we think of death and evil. I think this connotation of the skull is diminishing. After all, you see the skull in clothing, purses, and bracelets. It didn’t surprise me to see it as an art at The 15th Annual Creighton Student Art Exhibit last night. The anatomical skull was depicted beautiful by a Studio Art Major, aspiring dentist Ashley Hauger. My friend and I were amazed by how accurate the skull looked. We are currently taking anatomy and after having learned every bone, tubercle, and sutures of the skull (and nearly the entire body), we were MIGHTY impressed by the meticulous details put in the skull.

We looked around and were drawn to another piece of art. It is probably one of the most beautiful oil pictures that I have ever seen. It seemed to depict humanity through the different hues the artist used, the youth and the old, and the laughter and smiles. My friend and I were enthralled by this art and as we started sharing our thought out loud, the artist, Allison Dethlefs whom I thought was observing the art said thank you! We took advantage of her presence and bombarded her with questions.  She shared with us about the people in her painting. She began to explain how she selected the people.  The elder woman is someone she found online, the children in the corner were her friend’s picture from the Dominican Republic, and the girl in right corner is her sister. She shared with us her technique of layering multiple colors and how she came up with the idea to paint every face a different color. As always, the Student Art Exhibit displayed the beautiful arts from Creighton students. I found this one in particular to be outstanding! I’d encourage everyone to look for it. It is titled “A color of Our Own.”

photo (4)

photo (3)


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