Earth Day at Creighton

It’s Earth Day at Creighton!  A lot of people have a misconception about how much Creighton is doing for the environment and Creighton’s sustainability.  Apart for the solar panels in the Burt street parking lot and the windmills by the Lied Center, there isn’t a lot of visible evidence that Creighton is trying to be more sustainable.

But there are multiple organizations on campus that are working hard behind the scenes, and today is their day to shine.  There is a whole list of students and staff putting on events and working to improve Creighton’s daily sustainability and affect on the environment.   The GreenJays is another organization that does a lot for this campus.  From little events to the possibility of a Bike Shop on campus, GreenJays continues to work behind the scenes to make Creighton look good.


Join the Energy Awareness Committee for Earth Day, April 17, 2013!

11 am – 1 pm by the Skutt Fireplace

Giveaways! Shopping bags, eco-friendly pens, and more!
Tell us where we need more bike racks!
Vote for the Campus Tree of the Year and learn about Creighton’s quest to become an arboretum
Where’s the Water GO? Stormwater awareness info
Drop off your old and unused pens for recycling
Information on recycling at Creighton including a display of recyclable items
The world-famous popcorn machine
Clothing drive (oneShirt)
Information on Recyclemania results!


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