Developing Ambidexterity

A sneaking fear has always loomed in the back of my mind ever since my friend Frank’s biking accident in third grade.  He had fallen and broken his right arm leaving it immobile and in a cast for two months, and the one task of which he was rendered incapable that sent my thoughts in circles was writing.  What if I had a similar injury?  I could try to write with my left hand, but by the time the scrawl became legible and speedy enough to keep up with the class, I would be out of the cast and back to right-handedness.  It wasn’t until college (particularly when I was introduced to the exhilarating but dangerous sport of longboarding) that I began aptly preparing for this potentiality.  I chose one class per semester—normally a humanities class because I wanted to be sure that I could record numbers correctly in the sciences—in which I would take lecture notes with my non-dominant hand.  At this point in my life, this practice was not so much precautionary as it was fun to develop ambidexterity.



Well, I recently read an article that suggests completing simple tasks with one’s non-dominant hand is more than a mere challenge that helped me keep focus in class.  The article linked below relates many benefits such as fostering creativity and sharpening memory and agility.  Although these conclusions do not appear to be derived from empirical studies, I have enjoyed learning a new skill and feel confident that my educational life will continue if a disgruntled walrus eats my right arm.  I encourage you to give your non-dominant hand a chance!



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