St. Baldrick’s

Across the board, Creighton students have a reputation for being more involved than the average college student. Whether it be through a fall break service trip or attendance at the annual pink out basketball game, it’s safe to say that you’ve probably donated a good chunk of your time at Creighton to fighting for a cause. One cause in particularly that really seems to motivate students is cancer. Because cancer has become such a prevalent issue in our society, and has affected so many families, students here are that much more motivated to find a cure.

Probably the most well-known effort on campus is Relay for Life. During this twelve hour event, teams of students participate in fun games and activities all the while raising donations for cancer survivors. Throughout the night, there are talks from survivors and researches, as well as ceremonies dedicated to remembering those who lost their battle with cancer. This year, the event took place on March 22nd and had an amazing turnout. Creighton students raised just over $70,000 and there were over 900 people in attendance.

Another fundraising event dedicated to a similar cause is St. Baldrick’s. St. Baldrick’s is a childhood cancer research foundation that owes its success to iconic events that raise money via donations and the shaving of participants’ heads. Last year was the first time that St. Baldrick’s came to Creighton and the event was a huge success; over 50 participants shaved their heads and $8,000 was raised to fund childhood cancer research. This year, St. Balddrick’s will be returning to campus on April 28th. For those who have and haven’t had the time to support such a cause in the past, there is still time to sign up or simply donate ( it is be through St. Baldrick’s or any other foundation, Creighton students have and will continue to make a difference through their small efforts.



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