Tips for Finals!

It’s almost the end of the year!!  But, with that brings dead week and finals.  Though they can be tough and stressful, remember the end is near!  Here are some tips to help keep your sanity and ace those tests and projects!

1.)  Alternate Study Spaces.  Studies have shown that changing up where you study is a more effective way to study.  “Memory is colored by location, and changing your study locales increases the likelihood of remembering what you’ve learned.”

2.)  Study in groups.  Studying in groups is a great way to divide up work on projects or to double check that you understand the material, so form that Bio study group and conquer that final!

3.)  Use Flashcards.  Making flashcards allows you to write and go over the definitions repetitively.  It also allows you to help create another way to learn and remember material which is using mnemonic devices.

4.)  Take Tests.  Though it is not fun, taking tests more frequently allows for your learning to be enhanced as crazy as that may seem!  Testing yourself frequently causes for you to have to recall and relearn information which in turn helps you to remember it better and recall the info better on the final exam.  Why not try making your own tests and quizzes on Quizlet!  It’s a great program where you can type in your own information and notes and it will generate several questions and tests for you to take over and over.  You can even make your own flashcards via Quizlet as well.  Check it out!

5.)  Sleep.  This is pretty self-explanatory!  Make sure you are getting enough sleep (no, 4 hours a night is not enough!) as it will help you stay healthy and allow for the information you just spent hours studying to be processed so you can remember and recall it better.

6.)  Don’t categorize yourself.  Use multiple methods of studying–auditory, hands-on, etc.  Don’t limit yourself to studying in only one way!

7.)  Go to class.  Duh!  Though it is the last week and you may think you NEED that extra 50 minutes to study or sleep, going to class will help you review for the test and be able to ask questions on things you are still unclear about.

8.)  Don’t immerse yourself in subject matter.  “In keeping with the age-old proverb that values quality over quantity, scientists have found that immersion is not an effective method of study, the New York Times reports. Rather than sticking to one subject and spending hours attempting to master it, you should switch between a few (related) topics. It’s less boring — and you’ll learn more.”  Also, one of the most effective ways to study is to spend 50 minutes on material and then take a 10 minute break.  During that 10 minute break, do something active, don’t just sit there and relax!  Get up and walk around, grab a snack, go see a friend, etc.

9.)  Manage your time.  Don’t procrastinate!  It will only make your life that much more hectic.  Believe me, I’m speaking from experience!  Be sure to manage your time well and start papers/studying for tests well before the due date!

10.)  Last but not least–Relax!!  Stay calm, exercise, and remember that summer (and hopefully warm weather) is soon awaiting you!!

Good luck on all of your exams and enjoy your summer!  See you next year!




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