Closing Time!

It’s closing time!

Happy Monday, everybody! Without a doubt, this Monday kicks off the busiest two weeks of the school year: Not-so-Dead Week, Finals, and checking out. You may have checklists for what stands between you and summer – projects, papers, and tests, and I’m about to add one more to your “to-do” before summertime fun and relaxation.

Move Out Check List

¨  Sign up for a check out time with your RA

¨  Empty room of all personal belongings, including: carpet, wood, and cement blocks

¨  Remove all tape, nails, scuff marks, and graffiti from all room furniture, walls, and other surfaces

¨  Sweep/Mop/Vacuum floors

¨  Clean bathrooms (private)

¨  Clean kitchens (private)

¨  Close windows

¨  Leave AC/Heat on low, auto, or 72 degrees

¨  Deglman: Leave Beds Lofted

¨  Kenefick: Leave either lofted or unlofted, move out of alcove

¨  Everyone Else: One lofted, one unlofted, on each side of the room. Store extra bed ends (rails & ladders) neatly in the closet

Overwhelmed? Don’t be! Start packing early – as a study break, starting packing up your clothes, extra bedding, some shoes, or anything you won’t really need in these next two weeks. Split up tasks – create a chore list with your roommate(s)/suitemate(s), who is doing what, and when? Donate – Is there something you don’t need anymore? Like lamps, carpets, clothes, unopened non-perishable foods? Donate it! In the lobby of your building will be blue cage/bins for donations. Be sure to read the rules about what can, and cannot be donated, as well as how donations need to be prepared (like, all carpets must be rolled, etc).

Keep an eye out for posters about Late Night Breakfast and Exam Jam – great ways to take a break from studying to eat yummy breakfast food and win cool prizes!

Now for some motivational words of wisdom!

Best of luck in your last two weeks, and thumbs up for rock and roll!


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