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Movin’ on Out!

Hi Creighton Residents!


So with the end of finals week approaching, you might be thinking about how do you plan on moving out? Well, I compiled a few websites and Youtube videos to relieve your stress J


Here is a funny video of what it is like to pack up and head out.


If you have any questions regarding moving out, feel free to contact your RA or RD.


Have an awesome Wednesday!!!!


Finals Week Perspective

And so, we find ourselves yet again amidst the biannual week-long celebration of education and knowledge. Festivities are known to go well into the night, often accompanied by caffeinated beverages and review sessions. It’s a thrilling roller coaster ride of intense activity and abbreviated rest. Higher education calls this week-long celebration “Finals Week”. I call it one big knowledge party.


Don’t give me any of this garbage about how much you hate tests, papers, presentations… Been there, done that. Time for a new perspective. Take your worried face out of your hands long enough to see the reality of this week: precious opportunity. We are given the privilege to show all we learned this semester, in the form of final exams, participation points, and lab reports! While it may not be your initial idea of a good time, open your mind to the possibility of fun in unexpected places. It’s time to marvel at your education, how your brain has expanded with knowledge, and then jump in the party with the rest of us.

Truth is, you know things. Things you probably didn’t know last semester, maybe not even last week. Commemorate this, your intellectual stimulation and the fruit you gather from it. Celebrate your knowing. Can’t quite identify what you know at the moment? Sounds like someone needs to start celebrating.

Morgan encourages you to come to EXAM JAM! Tonight!

Was your dead week not so dead? Tired of studying and need a break? Want some cool prizes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then EXAM JAM is the perfect event for you. The details are below:

What: Exam Jam

When: 8pm-12am TONIGHT

Where: Skutt Student Center

The event will feature comedian Jonathan Burns, a poker tournament, a relaxation table with massage chairs, and 4 pub quizzes. If you want some cool prizes or a good laugh, then this is the event for you. There will be free food, free soda, and awesome prizes. What could be better than that? If you want a sneak preview of Jonathan Burns, check out the link below!


Happy Finals Week!

Interview with Senior RAs

Hi all, it’s Kristyn Angsten again (senior Swanson RA). As the year is coming to an end, many of us seniors are finalizing our plans for next year. Let’s take a look at what some of us RAs (from different halls) will be doing next year and also what they will remember about their life in the residence halls.

Kristina Ward- Kiewit

Kristina is majoring in Physics and plans on going to a Creighton Master’s program next year. She wants to teach, so she will obtain a master’s in Physics and also secondary education with a teaching endorsement. Looking back on her experience in Kiewit, she realizes it’s a wonderful place to be because there are so many different types of people living so close together—you can always learn something new by getting to know your neighbors in the building! She also knows she will never forget the infamous flooding during the first semester.

Elizabeth Samson- McGloin

Elizabeth is majoring in Justice and Society with a minor in Christian Life Studies. She will be volunteering with Colorado Vincentian Volunteers (CVV). Through CVV, she will be working for Volunteers of America – Colorado Branch. She will be helping 16-23 year olds, who are homeless and in their 18month program, find affordable housing. She will also be helping with the life skills programming that they attend each week. She has loved having the opportunity to get to know freshmen and sophomores in a unique way. She is especially thankful for her year as an RA on Deglman 5. Her and her D5 girls had so much fun last year and she cannot be more thankful for the growth she experienced that year and the relationships she created with such wonderful, beautiful women.

Gary Henry – Swanson

Gary is majoring in Biology. Gary (like some others!) will be taking a gap year before applying to medical school. He hopes to do some volunteer work, and maybe learn how to fly!  Gary says that although Swanson has had a lot of struggles this year with many transitions, these challenges have allowed each of the team members on staff to show their strengths and pull together to make sure we get the job done. Watching this and working together to create a great community in our residence hall this year has been inspiring to him.

Joey Kulczewski – Gallagher

Joey is majoring in Marketing. When asked about his plans for next year, he says he plans on staying awesome, and hopes to never be asked about this again! (Joey is a jokester).  Thinking about his favorite Gallagher event, he says it has to be a tie between the Galla-Games and the Gtown Getdown because as a hall staff, they poured their hearts into these events and worked so hard together to make each event the best it could be for their residents.

Becca Bloom- Deglman

Becca is an English Major with English Education Specialization; Spanish & Hispanic Studies Minor; Women’s & Gender Studies Minor. Next year, she will be participating in the Operation TEACH program in Baltimore, Maryland. As a member of the program, she will be studying at Notre Dame of Maryland University for my Master of Arts in teaching and teaching high school English at the Institute of Notre Dame. One of her favorite aspects of living in Deglman this year has simply been sitting out in the hallway chatting with her residents. She says it makes it feel even more like home!


Summer Fun!

Summer, it’s not just a time of relaxation, but also a reward for the strong. Summer really is a three-month congratulations for those of us who have successfully clawed through those terrible classes, pulled all-nighters for that 25 page paper, and to stand up and breath a sigh of relief after that very last final. So now what? For those times you are bored and can’t beat the heat, consider these:

  1. Go to the zoo. Hey, free air conditioning and the sharks are pretty cool.
  2. Aksarben cinema on Tuesdays! I go religiously–$6 movies, $1 popcorn, and $1 drinks with those awesome coke machines of a thousand choices. Make it a marathon!
  3. Get a “free month membership” to a gym and take advantage of their pool
  4. Grab a car full of friends and drive down to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City or Adventureland in Des Moines. I’m partial to KC, it’s pretty awesome. But go before June and on a weekday while it is you, the roller coaster, and no school kids.
  5. One last final idea… Go to the college world series at TD Ameritrade! People drive in from all over the country, and all you have to do is walk three blocks! Plus the games are really fun, just don’t forget sunscreen!